Monday, September 20, 2010

The Truth About 13Gypsies Perfumery, Part 4.

This part, I'm going to provide links to forum threads, reviews and the like concerning the fact that BPAL lovers and perfume oil enthusiasts alike have caught onto her game, dating back as early as 2007:

Her eBay/Goth Auctions Days:

She attempted to sell her oils on eBay under the "vervain_m" ID and her shop was called "Comparable to BPAL"  Looks like somebody started to figure her out back in 2007:

She got shut down due to inappropriate keyword spamming, so she decided to shut down, yet again.

Around the same time, she ripped somebody off on as Spiderella13, then left there as a result:


Selling as "13Gypsies". Read the descriptions, and notice how she received bad feedback and then quickly left:
Pointing out what I noticed in 2009:

As you can tell, she stiffed somebody on Goth Auctions as well as her old '13Gypsies' Etsy id, so who knows what the future holds. I just don't think she sees the severity of her actions and how they impact people.

Sure this blog is rather long, and probably tiring to read, but there is just so much crap I discovered about her.  This blog is nearly a year in the making, between moving and not caring about the internet for a while. It seems like I am over-reacting, but you would too if you found out that you've spent over $600 on oils over the last 3.5 years that you could have purchased from SOS or SSF for a fraction of the price, and get all of them in 1/2 oz sizes :)

I don't see this blog any differently from a blog giving a company a bad review, or a blog somebody made about a serial swaplifter.  I consider this blog to be both, since she stole money from me and continues to rip off her customers.  The fact that she is doing fairly well on Etsy makes me sick. She has so many people fooled with that paragraph on her profile addressing what I did almost a year ago.  I'm amazed she still has it on her profile, and even more amazed that it's completely different from when she first published it.  That means to me that she is scared that somebody finally caught onto her and decided to speak up.

Also, the fact that you rebottle stock fragrance oils and give them semi-clever gothic names just tells me, and any other smart consumer out there, that you are merely taking advantage of a certain consumer base.  There are so many legitimate businesses on Etsy, and you give them all a bad name.  When you get burned badly from one seller, you are afraid to buy stuff from anybody else, unless they are legitimate.

There would be NOTHING wrong with you using these oils if you were HONEST about it. You could have made them into soaps or solid perfumes, and still be a legitimate business.  The fact that you still insist that you make your own oils just makes you look worse.  It's time to woman up and be honest. Hell, you could even start to make candles and such, and be legitimate.  Some people are not perfumers, but are damn good at making candles or bath and body products, but they are HONEST about their fragrances they use.

I will continue to update this blog whenever I come across more information, especially if I discover the corresponding stock oils for her newer "blends".

I am not saying to stay away from her and her Etsy shoppe; feel free to read this blog and take it however you wish.  I am just relaying what happened to me, and how it impacted me.

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