Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Truth About 13Gypsies Perfumery, Part 3.

Proof of Her Using Stock Scents:

I was originally going to post scans of the old pamphlets (in fact, I still might do it eventually if need be) she sent out with each order, but I figured it would be easier for me to link to my last Etsy transaction with her instead, complete with the old descriptions:

Also, a link toa  transaction somebody had with her back in 2008:

Here are examples of the oils she uses, but claims she hand-blended them herself... Please note that she discontinued some of these.  Coincidence?

Absinthe >>
Baby Jane >> (scroll down to "Kudzu Blossom")
Bad Witch >>
Black Lung >>
Black Raven >>
Blue Angel >>
Crypt >>
Dirt >>
El Diablo >>
Gamma Ray >>
Good Witch >> (This is actually a dupe for Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar)
Great Pumpkin >> (look for "Pumpkin Crunch Cake")
Gypsy Tears >> (look for "Osmanthus")
Halloween >>
Jezebel >> (look for "Mimosa")
Le Cult Des Morts >> (look for "Morning Marigold")
Mermaid >> (look for "Sea Breeze")
Nag Champa >>
Nightshadows >> (look for "Psychadelic Dreams")
Queen of Hearts >>
Red Death >>
Red Vines >>
Rum Spice >>
Salome >> (look for "Goddess")
Sangria >>
Schokolade >>
Sleepy Hollow >> (This is a dupe for Clinique's AROMATIC ELIXIRS)
Sweet Tarts >>
Spun Sugar >>
Witches Brew >> (Look for "Jamaican Me Crazy")

I am certain there are a lot more in her more recent "hand-blended artisan perfumes", but she has cleverly re-worded the descriptions for the newer ones. that it'll take some more research to find out which ones she used.

Even though I cannot find any for her newer ones, the fact remains that some of the oils above, she still sells to this day.

Similarities to BPAL? No?

I know some similar perfume oil companies will use the same (or similar) names from time to time, but I couldn't pass this one up:

13 (Thirteen)
Blue Moon
Drink Me
Eat Me
Mata Hari
The Queen of Hearts (BPAL) > Queen of Hearts
Salomé (BPAL) > Salome
Sugar Skull
Trick or Treat
Zombi (BPAL) > zombie

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