Saturday, October 16, 2010


I visited her Etsy just now, and she made her "warning/disclaimer" diatribe even longer!

I'm sure she gets the point between this blog, a certain forum and mistakes past. She discontinued some of the oils I called her on and the ones she kept, she changed their descriptions. Big surprise.

I mean, why bother? If you're innocent and everyone is completely wrong, why did you change the descriptions? Let alone discontinue a lot of them or put them on clearance?  I wouldn't write some long-winded, defensive diatribe on my profile, begging for people to believe you.  You're not convincing anybody, only yourself.

It's funny how some of the oils I ordered from you, almost all of the notes you claim are in them are completely different. You can run, but you can't hide from the truth. It just means you're getting better at covering up your own tracks.

Some of them she kept around. I guess those are her best sellers...


  1. My friend and I are huge perfume collectors. One of her friends recommended 13 Gypsies, so she placed an order for a batch of samples. They smelled TERRIBLE! We each tried them out, one by one, and they all reminded me strongly of cheap Hot Topic or head shop oils, the kinds of things I used to buy when I was a pre-teen. She hated them so much she gave me the batch, and I retested them again later. Assuming the fragrances were just repackaged "Save On Scents", it would suprise me if SoS was the source of ingredients used in some of the beautifully complex, evocative fragrances we love from Haus of Gloi and Possets. Are they just used to fragrance cheap candles or something? Lame packaging too.

    1. Possets, I know, legit blend their own oils as do may other companies. I don't think the owner from Possets would be caught dead ordering supplies from SOS or SSF.

  2. I was so glad to come across your blog. I couldn't believe I had finally found someone else who had been ripped off by this girl. Quite a few years ago (early 2000's?) I purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-60 worth of perfume oils from an eBay seller named "macabre undertakings." Literally within 2 or 3 days after I made my purchase, I noticed a note beside her name that said "user is no longer registered." I had never encountered that before, so I sent her an email...and then another...and another. I never got a single response. My Paypal payment had certainly disappeared with her. All these years, I have periodically Google'd her eBay name to see if she was still swindling elsewhere. I always said if I found her again, I would "rip her a new one." Apparently she has been hard at work robbing more folks :( I would love to hear more about your story with her, so please do email me about your experience - I'd enjoy that. Keep up the good work in keeping people informed about such terrible "business" ethics.

  3. I am just started getting into perfume oils and I was about to buy from her. Thank you for saving me from getting scammed.